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Why a Virtual CIO Can Improve Your Business While Saving Time & Money

Why a Virtual CIO Can Improve Your Business While Saving Time & Money

Today, almost every business in the world relies on computers in some way, and the Internet plays a greater role in commerce than ever before.

For small and medium businesses, there are numerous challenges when it comes to using technology effectively. From developing efficient IT infrastructure to formulating plans for the future, there’s no shortage of tasks to complete.

Meeting this level of need while remaining focused on running the business isn’t easy, especially if your staff and resources are already thinly spread.

When you begin thinking that it might be time to hire a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to handle these duties, know that there is an alternative to the expense of creating an in-house IT team.

With a Virtual CIO (VCIO), you can achieve the same goals with some substantial benefits. Let’s explore.


How Can a Virtual CIO Help My Business?

A VCIO will, first and foremost, save your business time. After identifying the need for a more focused IT strategy, it could require a substantial investment of time and resources to find and recruit the right professional.

Then, you must conduct rounds of interviews in the hopes of identifying the candidate with the right level of experience and practical knowledge to meet the company’s needs.

None of this guarantees a good fit within the company’s culture or effective performance on the job.

Outsourcing the position to a professional consultant negates the need for an extensive interview process. You can instead vet their credentials, investigate their past efforts, and decide which service is the best fit.

Choosing a VCIO service is a faster method that puts your business on track for a functional IT policy sooner rather than later. 

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Costs of A Virtual CIO

A VCIO will also be friendlier to your business’s budget in more ways than one.

First, of course, are the costs you save by avoiding the hiring process. Second, and more importantly, you avoid the need to pay a full annual salary to an in-house CIO.

Hiring an IT executive away from another company brings with it plenty of costs. Your new employee may even have expectations that put a further strain on your payroll. 

Outsourcing this position and relying on a VCIO only when you need assistance offers significant savings. These services are far less expensive yet deliver the same high value, high-quality input you would expect from an in-house information officer.

Whether you are hoping to develop new infrastructure to facilitate expansion or simply need policy guidance, outsourced aid will be just as reliable.

Perhaps most importantly the right VCIO will deliver a superior service that fosters conditions for the company’s success. How? What makes outsourced CIO talent more valuable than creating a fully staffed in-house IT team?

There are several key reasons.


3 Key Reasons Outsourced CIO is Valuable

3 Key Reasons Virtual CIO is Valuable

1. First, they bring to the table a wide range of experience.

Virtual CIOs can work with several businesses across a wide range of industries, allowing them to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by companies like yours.

In turn, implementing solutions is much easier and faster. Because they’ve developed a broad base of experience, they understand common problems. Streamlining your operations with this level of insight is very effective.

2. Second, as an outsider, they can provide an impartial view on the best path forward for the business’s technology.

Don’t underestimate the impact of the corporate culture. That in-house attitude can hinder improvements as often as it fosters them. A virtual CIO has no such notions and does not have an ingrained attachment to any particular way of doing things. 

3. Finally, a third-party CIO is motivated to perform to the best of their ability on your behalf.

Not only does their reputation depend upon it, but so does your satisfaction. Where a newly-created internal team might become bogged down, your virtual executive can effectively manage the necessary adjustments. 

Effective management is especially important during the deployment of new infrastructure or changes to the way you do business. Quick turnaround time and loyal customer service should be hallmarks of your relationship with a virtual CIO.

Outsourcing is often viewed with caution by many businesses, and for good reason. In this case, a third-party firm has every reason to meet and exceed your expectations.


Stay on Top of Your Technology 

Staying on top of technology and equipping your business for digital success doesn’t have to be a major financial hurdle or a human resources challenge. Instead, with a qualified virtual CIO, businesses can rely on outside expertise for a functional IT strategy.

Meanwhile, the rest of the company reaps the benefits of improved policy and enhanced infrastructure. Success for small enterprises in today’s technological landscape no longer requires a traditional CIO to achieve the same results.

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Zach Mesel

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