Webinar: Top 3 Ways for SMBs to Fight Cyber Crime

When: Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 10AM Pacific Time 

Purpose of this webinar

Introduce small business owners and managers to the specific actions they can and should take to reduce the likelihood and potential impact of cybercrime on their systems, data, and livelihood.


The news today is rife with stories of hackers infiltrating and disabling critical systems, threatening to disclose sensitive information, and asking for huge ransoms. These types of attacks get the most publicity when they happen to large companies, but the reality is that hackers are also targeting small businesses. Why? Because they know that small businesses are much less likely to have the right protections in place to protect against such attacks and, when attacked, many small business owners will have little recourse but to acquiesce to the hackers’ demands.

Small business owners are frequently hesitant to make investments in prevention against cybercrime for a variety of reasons: they don’t see the value of such preventative measures; they don’t think they’ll be targeted; or they think cyber insurance, by itself, will be sufficient to recover from a cyber-attack. Still other small business owners even forego cyber insurance, simply not seeing the need.

This webinar aims to educate small business owners and managers about the real and pervasive cyber risks to which their businesses are exposed and the concrete steps they can take to mitigate such risks.

Full Disclosure

This webinar will not be a sales pitch or extended infomercial for Wooden Spoon’s products and services. The intent is to raise awareness about business risk and incite preventative action. The tips and techniques discussed during this webinar can be implemented by any competent IT professional and even some tech-savvy users. While the target audience is people who operate small businesses, many of these techniques can be used to secure personal devices and data as well.


Please email your registration request to Zach Mesel (zach@wooden-spoon.com) and he will send you a Zoom link to the webinar.