The one-of-a-kind technological genius of Petaluma, where businesses are seizing the lead with the help of Wooden Spoon’s Business IT Services. If any of these or similar thoughts have lately crossed your mind, one thing is certain, you need someone to help you with your IT.

If your company does not have a reliable IT department but has grown to the point where one is required, you may want to look for a managed services provider to handle business IT services.

Perhaps you’ve taken on a huge project for which your IT team lacks the necessary skills or knowledge, or perhaps you need to outsource some IT work due to budget constraints in a tough economy. 

If you’ve been working with an MSP who isn’t living up to your expectations, Wooden Spoon can help.


Build Your Full Potential with Wooden Spoon Ongoing IT Services

If your business has an internal IT team, you’re likely aware of the struggle to keep up with these dynamic changes.

The bandwidth limitations and time constraints they face in adapting these evolving technologies to your unique environment can be overwhelming. Without the agility to turn when necessary, playing catch-up all the time might become a less-than-ideal situation.

This is where Wooden Spoon steps in, alleviating the concerns associated with technological shifts. Our commitment extends to staying current with technology changes, engaging in diligent research and development, and devising strategic plans for seamless implementation tailored to your business objectives.

We take charge of the comprehensive design and maintenance of your network, ensuring a stable platform that effectively supports your crucial business applications.

Whether you already boast an internal IT team or not, We serve as a reliable ally. For businesses with an internal team, we offer strong backup on tech support issues. For those without, we collaborate with you to determine the optimal approach for daily tech support, ensuring your business navigates the tech landscape with confidence and efficiency.


Preventative Maintenance

While your IT systems are active, everything goes well. However, the scenario changes quickly when a server failure or network outage occurs, bringing your entire organization to stop. This causes increased tension among staff, dissatisfied customers, and an overburdened IT crew working rapidly to resolve issues among the commotion. The end result is far from perfect. However, by implementing preventative maintenance measures, this turmoil can be completely avoided. 


Rather than ignoring hardware and software until a breakdown occurs, a proactive approach entails frequent reviews of each component. This preventative technique is similar to going to the dentist every six months, when the dentist finds and fixes dental defects early on, preventing them from progressing into significant issues. Similarly, in the field of information technology, early identification through preventative maintenance helps the mitigation of possible problems, avoiding catastrophic interruptions, and ensuring the smooth operation of your technological infrastructure.


Preventative maintenance is essential for a variety of reasons. For starters, it protects against the loss of productivity and sales that can occur when systems fail, rendering staff unable to operate efficiently and interfering with client access. If left untreated, aging gear and software can reduce overall productivity. 


By taking a proactive approach to preventative maintenance, you may predict and fix possible problems before they disrupt operations. 


For example, instead of depending on an aging hard drive until it fails, you replace it after a predefined length of time, minimizing downtime for both employees and customers.

Optimizing Your IT Growth

Our company is here to guide you through the process, whether you’ve never written an IT strategy or plan before or are looking to refine your current approach; we’ve successfully assisted dozens of companies in similar situations. Our expertise extends beyond mere consultation; we actively collaborate with you to translate industry standards into practical actions. 


From crafting your initial infrastructure, security, and maintenance plans to devising scaling strategies, Wooden Spoon is your dedicated partner every step of the way. Our recommendations are designed to empower you, allowing the creation of a reliable and secure network in a cost-effective manner.


With Wooden Spoon by your side, you not only navigate the current technological landscape with confidence but also future-proof your business for the next ten years and beyond.


The Wooden Spoon Process for Simple IT Services

Consultation and Evaluation

We attempt to understand your company’s history, current situation, and future ambitions in order to create a successful plan. 

Our thorough analysis of your existing IT infrastructure guarantees that you have a clear picture of what is working and where enhancements are needed. 

This initial step lays the groundwork for a customized and effective strategy to move your company ahead.



Our priority is to establish a solid foundation that will ensure success and allow for future growth. Concurrently, we develop a comprehensive security strategy, considering the likelihood of cyber threats.

Our security blueprint protects your data with anything from firewalls to updated software. Regular assessments ensure that protection is maintained, with suggestions adapted to new vulnerabilities. 

Continuity planning takes the spotlight, addressing eventualities other than server outages. 

We assist you in preparing for any situation, from data theft to physical calamities, providing insights ranging from misplaced devices to unforeseen issues such as an AI apocalypse. Wooden Spoon’s planning extends beyond immediate concerns to ensure a stable and future-proof corporate environment.



Our comprehensive approach covers a spectrum of actions, including optimizing computer and network performance, enhancing cloud-based services, and enabling secure remote work for your staff. Additionally, we provide valuable support to your internal IT team, conduct end-user training on cybersecurity, and address any existing complaints and IT issues.

Our commitment extends to implementing robust support systems for employees, customers, and users, incorporating a ticketing system for streamlined assistance. 

Installation of system management tools, meticulous hardware inventory management, and the development of preventative maintenance schedules ensure operational efficiency. We also prioritize the formulation and implementation of crucial IT policies, including security protocols. Throughout the entire process, communication remains paramount, with regular updates on progress, and your involvement, and that of your internal IT team, is tailored to your preferences.



Many people make the mistake of assuming that outsourcing IT will cost more than recruiting their own team. It usually isn’t. Hiring people has a lot of secondary expenditures in addition to paying their compensation. 

First and foremost, you must pay for insurance, taxes, and other expenses. You must also provide a workspace and equipment for them to use. You might even have to pay more for utilities.


Wooden Spoon’s IT Support

If you do not have an internal support team, our tiered support teams can assist with everything from routine daily support needs like password resets and early troubleshooting to more complex difficulties. Our internal team also provides assistance for the standardized set of tools that we install to monitor, maintain, and safeguard your systems and network.

If you have an internal support team, they can handle the regular everyday support needs, and we’ll give assistance for the standardized tools as well as an escalation team to help when your internal team gets stuck.

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If you’re fed up with your technology and have overworked and understaffed IT employees, it’s time to make a change. Technology doesn’t have to be stressful, and you don’t have to be always on the lookout for the next thing to go wrong.

Our adaptable IT service solutions may be tailored to any organization, and we can handle as much or as little of your IT as you require. Reach out to our team today!