Outsourcing your IT services can be an excellent decision for your business. There are many different benefits you can take advantage of by making use of managed IT services. This doesn’t mean you have to fire your IT department or spend a considerable amount of money. In fact, you can often save money by using one of these services. Here are some of the ways that making use of managed IT can help your business grow.


You Get Access to a Full Team of IT Professionals


IT is a huge industry. There are network administrators, system engineers, security experts, and many other areas of focus. One person can no longer know it all. Unless you have a huge budget, you may not always be able to hire experts in every area of IT service management. When you work with a managed IT partner, though, you don’t have to. Because handling IT is all these partners do, they’re able to hire a range of experts. You get access to all of these team members and their knowledge.

In addition to this benefit, you also don’t have to spend the time and resources hiring these experts. This means you don’t have to pay salary and benefits, of course, but the savings go beyond that. Your HR team doesn’t have to spend the time posting jobs, working with recruiters, reading resumes, and doing interviews. There’s no onboarding process. You don’t have to cover the costs of computer equipment, desk space, or any other expense that comes with hiring an employee. You get the IT manager and other employees you need without worrying about the budget.

Your current IT team also doesn’t feel pressured to do everything. While your IT partner takes care of your security and other needs, they’re free to work on projects only they can do. Your HR team doesn’t have to worry about hiring as many IT people, so they also have more time to devote to other needs. They can focus on any issues your current employees may have instead of always being in recruitment mode.


Managed IT Services Help You Control Your BudgetManaged IT Services Help You Control Your Budget


In addition to helping reduce your budget and allowing your team to reallocate their time, working with an IT service helps you keep your budget under control. That’s because you have a set amount of what you’ll pay for managed IT every month. You select the services you need, and if you don’t change those services, you can accurately calculate your IT costs for the year. You’ll likely find that this cost is much less than you’d be paying if you hired employees to do the work. If you need to add on services or scale upward, you know what it will cost.


Upgrade and Scale Your Network Easily


Managed IT service providers are experts at scaling networks. They have worked with businesses of all sizes, and they are familiar with the many different needs of these businesses. If you are ready to grow your business, you need an IT partner that understands scalability.

More than that, you need to work with a managed IT services provider who can come in and help you build a scalable network. You may not have this. Many small businesses, especially new businesses that don’t have access to experienced IT professionals, may have a system that works for them right now. However, that system may not work in the future, and it may be difficult to expand it to need those future needs. If you try expanding a system that wasn’t built to be scalable, you may end up creating a hodge-podge network with compatibility and security issues. That leaves you and your customers at risk.

Once you have a system that can be scaled up or down as needed, you won’t have as many growing pains. Your employees will have the tools they need and the reliable network structure needed to work efficiently. Your customers won’t even notice that you needed to bring in more servers and other resources because everything will be seamless on their end.


Take Advantage of Proactive MonitoringTake Advantage of Proactive Monitoring


When you bring in an IT project manager partner, one of the first things they will want to do is set up a system of proactive monitoring. This system will allow them to watch your network for signs of trouble, address the issues before they get worse, and in some cases, catch problems before they can even occur. They can schedule maintenance to replace older equipment before it goes out, reducing downtime and allowing you to plan out costs better.

Being proactive instead of reactive can help everyone. First, your employees don’t find themselves scrambling when a system goes down or a security breach happens, and they can continue working without interruption. You don’t have IT emergencies cropping up left and right, and your internal IT team doesn’t have as many fires to put out.

Your customers also benefit from this proactive stance on security and IT maintenance. They benefit from knowing your company has the experience needed to keep their data safe. Your system has higher uptime with scheduled maintenance and upgrades, making it more reliable for your customers. Your customers will always have access to what they need, won’t have to worry about security breaches, and will come to respect your brand as a trustworthy partner.

Bring in New Technology, Software, and Processes Easily


Does your in-house IT team have time to keep up with the changing trends in software and technology in your industry? They likely don’t have the time to do this research or reading during work, and many may not necessarily seek it out on their own time. This can put your business at risk. There may be security vulnerabilities or old processes that are no longer effective at protecting your data.

Few IT teams have time to keep up with all the changes in the industry because they’re working on other things. However, because that’s all an IT managed services provider does, they do. These teams have access to resources detailing the latest software and processes companies need to protect their data. Working with one of these business-driven IT management partners will ensure that the best practices for your industry are put into place so you can benefit from all they provide.


Consolidate All of Your IT Needs


Do you use various vendors for your IT needs? You can create a simplified IT management plan by working with a single partner. You’ll have one point of contact for your IT needs rather than several. You’ll know exactly who to call and will be able to grow a relationship with that contact.

This also ensures that you receive the same quality of service for all of your IT needs. You won’t have to worry about one software vendor being slow to respond to emails or deal with a hardware vendor who often reschedules. Instead, you’ll have one company that is dedicated to your IT needs. You’ll know them and what to expect from them. Working with one partner also takes the pressure off of you. You won’t have a software vendor asking you technical questions about your hardware setup, for example, because everything will be done by the same team. They will know your system inside and out.


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Implementing effective IT governance and IT Management does more than just improve your computer equipment and network—it can improve how your business functions and your overall reputation. By bringing on a Cloud based IT Service management partner, you can give your internal IT team the freedom to focus on projects only they can handle. Planned maintenance reduces system downtime, allowing your employees to get more done without unexpected system outages. This is also true for your customers, who will come to respect your company for its reliability and security.

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