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Staying Agile in a Sea of Complexity

In an era where technology often drives business growth, efficient and reliable IT performance is more critical than ever. A planned, strategic approach to IT operation and management can help keep your business operating at peak performance.

Outsourced (or Managed) IT Services are playing an increasingly vital role―providing the structured management and careful balance of resources businesses need to help boost productivity, safeguard data, drive innovation, and optimize return on investment.

Outsourced IT Services span a range of capabilities, from IT planning and strategy to risk management, performance monitoring, and cost optimization. By assuming responsibility for daily IT maintenance and support tasks, your outsourced IT provider can help with strategic priorities.

At Wooden Spoon, we bring extensive technology management and infrastructure support expertise to your IT environment. We work with you to evaluate your existing capabilities, identify weaknesses and performance gaps, and determine where processes can be improved, simplified, and secured

Our experts understand the complexities of IT management and work along with you to ensure your in-house capabilities and IT plans align with your business objectives. Our fixed-fee delivery model puts the incentive on us to ensure your IT operations are secure, efficient,  flexible, and trouble-free. More specifically, our success hinges on your success. 

Reaping the Benefits of Proactive Support

The ongoing demands on IT to improve efficiency, safeguard networks, and meet complex compliance requirements are ever-increasing. Complicating matters are shrinking IT budgets and difficulty finding qualified IT staff, which further hampers your ability to stay ahead of the technology curve. That’s where we can help.

Changing business models have driven a shift in the function of IT―from a reactive role to a proactive role. Rather than waiting for problems to happen, IT’s role is to identify and prevent problems before they impact your business operations. At Wooden Spoon, we’ll help you reap full advantage of the efficiencies a proactive IT approach enables.

The keys to our flat-fee support service are our in-house experts and the best-in-class tools we use to proactively identify potential problems and address them before they cause downtime. We leverage our resources to bring stability to your environment. It’s a win-win scenario―  greater stability in your environment equates to greater profitability in ours.

That’s why you can count on us to help bolster the performance and efficiency of your IT operation while at the same time reducing your ongoing maintenance costs. 

With all of our support services under the umbrella of a single agreement, you benefit from our expertise and technical capabilities with no budget surprises. We deliver a purpose-fit support plan that doesn’t cut any corners. Plus you can rest easy knowing our technology experts will guide you as your priorities shift and your support needs change.

Our comprehensive range of IT services and support capabilities are centered on several core areas: 

  • Planning and strategy
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Remote support
  • On-Site support
  • Products and services
  • Project services
IT Services and Network Security Solutions - Wooden Spoon IT in California
On-Site and Remote Support For IT Services with Wooden Spoon IT
Strategy and Planning as well as IT Services from Wooden Spoon IT

Best-in-Class Support Capabilities

As the rate of technology change continues to accelerate, your IT environment needs to keep pace. At Wooden Spoon, we use our business and technology planning expertise to help you create a roadmap for performance improvement―providing a coordinated method for managing changes to business priorities.

Your IT environment has many moving parts to manage and maintain. To ensure optimum performance and return on investment, you need an IT action plan that supports and compliments your business goals, and is flexible enough to adapt to future changes. 

Smart technology planning begins with a detailed assessment of your IT environment to identify how well current processes are performing and how best to leverage existing infrastructure and resources.

We work closely with you to understand your overarching vision and develop a defined roadmap as part of an ongoing “alignment cycle.” Your in-house management team can focus on growth and performance instead of stressing out over routine technology management tasks.

Our team will work with you to:

  • Develop a strategic IT plan and make sure it supports your long-term goals. We then review it with you regularly to make sure we stay on track. 
  • Address any gaps in your current network configuration and recommend updates to address fast-changing IT and business performance needs.
  • Review your security practices and note any deficiencies that are not aligned with NIST Cybersecurity guidelines.
  • Advise you on how best to optimize the performance and resiliency of your IT infrastructure
  • Establish an ongoing process that we’ll use to initially get your network, systems, and processes aligned and then keep it aligned over time.

Recurring checks and ongoing follow up help make sure our recommendations are delivering the results you need and are aligned with your business goals. 

Our experienced experts help you pivot to new platforms and new technologies at the most opportune time, while optimizing the value of your legacy investments. We’ll help you analyze processes and workflows to uncover areas of weakness and identify opportunities for cost savings.

With a well-defined technology roadmap, you’ll benefit from:

  • Greater confidence and clarity for making technology investment decisions
  • Better intelligence and insight to address ongoing efficiency, reliability and compliance issues
  • Lower operating costs through targeted, well-timed technology upgrades
  • Better technology integration with business systems and processes
  • Improved security through greater awareness of IT weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Regular monitoring of your IT environment and critical network infrastructure can help reduce downtime and improve performance. Rather than waiting for problems to emerge, you can proactively identify areas that are vulnerable and take action before they impact your business.

Wooden Spoon is ideally equipped to help ease the burden of day-to-day network management. We use advanced monitoring tools to analyze the performance of your network and IT infrastructure. This insight allows us to chart performance over time and identify patterns and trends that could lead to disruption.

In the age of cloud computing and distributed IT operations, maintaining a reliable and efficient network is no easy task. While reactive measures can’t be completely eliminated, you can sharpen your approach.

That’s why working with Wooden Spoon’s experts can help. We understand the challenges of network and infrastructure management and work with you to create a clear plan that will enable you to optimize your network for maximum return on investment.

Preventative maintenance and responsive support are essential to helping to provide reliable, secure IT performance. Expert analysis of real-time performance data provides insight into future investment needs and areas of improvement to help ensure your network is reliable, efficient and secure.

Expertise from an experienced partner can help you:

  • Optimize availability and reliability of resources and applications
  • Meet business requirements for uptime, compliance and security
  • Identify opportunities for cost optimization
  • Stay current with access to the latest technologies

A proactive approach to technology management requires ongoing collaboration with your IT provider. Our onsite and remote support capabilities extend across disparate locations and environments to meet you where you are.

We leverage the latest monitoring tools to track your performance and identify critical areas for improvement and investment. We then work to remove any implementation or operational barriers.

We’ll show you how to access plug into our easy to use support portal to generate and track support requests and resolve issues from a single dashboard. 

Solutions and Services

It Is Easy To Start Using MAM with Microsoft 365The potential benefits gained by today’s emerging technologies are substantial, but to optimize their full value requires an intelligent, pragmatic approach to implementation and management. One major advantage of working with an outsourced IT service provider is the ability to access modern technologies and best-in-class solutions and platforms that can help drive innovation, improve performance, and protect vital assets.

At Wooden Spoon, we are well-versed in the importance of creating a solid technology roadmap with a strategic view towards long-term growth and maximum technology advantage. Our experts are well-schooled in the challenges and complexities of technology implementation and work closely with you to help ensure your investments will meet your operational demands.

Understanding what performance and functionality your business needs is essential. Knowing how to get it done is equally important. We’ll coordinate with vendors to identify, evaluate and manage the procurement process across a range of products, services and platforms, including: 

  • Hardware and software
  • Office systems and equipment
  • Internet service providers
  • Business phone system vendors
  • Website designers/developers
  • Business surveillance and security providers
  • Accounting and business systems

While price vs. performance is critical, the ultimate goal is making sure your solution aligns with your performance needs and delivers optimum value. Our consultants bring savvy business knowledge and procurement skills to help remove much of the complexity from selecting, configuring, implementing, and managing technology and business products. 

Onsite Support Services

  • Monthly managed support contracts & “Virtual CTO” services
  • Hourly break-fix support
  • Supplemental support for existing company IT departments
  • IT Project Management

Cloud-based Services

  • Online Backup
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Hardware & Software Sales

  • Servers
  • PCs
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Server Racks and Accessories

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Charting Your Path: How We Work

As the rate of technology change continues to accelerate, your technology plans need to keep pace. Before you can move forward, however, you need to know where you are now. That’s why we begin with a review of your mission, vision, goals so that we can determine how best to leverage technology to deliver optimum business value. We use the assessment to develop a prioritized roadmap to help your business effectively meet its future technology needs.

Guiding you through your needs analysis, our technology planning strategy creates a future-ready IT framework. We then create a roadmap for transformation that integrates with your business processes and workforce.


With a technology planning strategy from Wooden Spoon, you’ll gain advantage from:

  • Access to advanced technologies and platforms
  • Prioritized decisions and actions based on defined business goals
  • Better optimization of in-house resources for greater efficiency and return
  • Improved efficiency and reliability of IT operations
  • Unique skills and expertise for core IT tasks and functions  
Identifying your Mission and Strategy with Wooden Spoon IT
Better Optimization of Resources with Wooden Spoon IT

Making a Move to Smarter, More Intelligent IT

Engaging with an Ongoing IT Services provider is not about surrendering control of your IT operation, but rather it’s about delegating certain expertise and support capabilities to an experienced and trusted partner.

At Wooden Spoon, we make sure our services are aligned with your core business goals. We provide strategic guidance that caters to your business needs. The result is a purpose-fit plan designed to address your critical IT support needs, keep expenditures in check, and do so in a way that effectively manages business risks.

One of the biggest advantages of working with an outsourced IT provider like Wooden Spoon is the potential for substantial cost savings. With our fixed-cost support model, you benefit from predictable pricing and manageable costs, allowing you to better plan for larger IT investments. And with our proactive support strategy, we’re able to anticipate problems before they can disrupt your business. 

Technology can accelerate your performance and drive competitive advantage, but evaluating, implementing, and managing technology can be challenging. Through focus, diligence, and continuous discovery, Wooden Spoon has sharpened its ability to chart the best path to success.

Since 2003, Wooden Spoon has been helping businesses across industry sectors improve, update, and modernize their IT operations to meet evolving business needs. We place a high priority on diligently monitoring, protecting, updating, and modernizing your infrastructure for optimum efficiency and scale.

In today’s fast-moving business environment, carving out time to focus on routine maintenance tasks is more difficult than ever. With the knowledge and expertise needed to keep your infrastructure running at peak performance, we can handle routine and specialized tasks including remote monitoring, IT planning and strategy, and technology evaluation and procurement.

By delegating ongoing IT support tasks to a reliable partner, you can turn your attention to more pressing priorities with confidence that your IT operation will be running efficiently and securely. 

Technology may be the force driving your future. With Wooden Spoon, you can be certain it is taking you in the right direction.

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